'GTA 6' release date: 2020 launch delay due to new console versions?


“Grand Theft Auto VI,” the long rumored sequel game for the hit action-adventure franchise, is once again hot on the rumor mill. This time, rumors have it that the game would be coming in 2020.

This specific release date was said to be due to the game being set to be one of the supported titles for the upcoming new versions of consoles the Xbox One’s Project Scorpio and Sony’s PlayStation Neo.

As for the setting of the game, latest rumors have it that the game might still see a setting that is outside of the usual U.S. territory setting. To be more specific, there have been rumors of the game going all the way to Europe. In previous months, Rockstar Games was rumored to have been considering Tokyo, Japan as its new location.

In a previous interview, Take-Two Interactive president Karl Slatoff talked about the reason as to why Rockstar has not released a number of “Grand Theft Auto” games already, given the evident demand for the game franchise. For the uninitiated, Take-Two Interactive is the general owner of Rockstar Games, Firaxis Games, and 2K Games.

As per Slatoff, they don’t want to “milk” money from their franchises, despite knowing that they could, for they do not want to induce what they would like to call as “franchise fatigue” on their intellectual properties (IPs) producing, in the long run, a decline in value and in fan interest for their franchises.

“It’s tempting to have continuous releases and milk a franchise as far as you can, [but] we’ve seen that fatigue in other franchises in the games industry,” he said. “With almost every single franchise for us, the latest release is bigger than the one before.”

As it turns out, Take-Two is more interested in delivering quality rather than having a large quantity of titles under their hood but sacrificing the quality of their games.

“We don’t intend to change annual strategy because of product fatigue,” Slatoff added. “[Take-Two] creates franchise value and [releases have] to be managed deliberately.”