'GTA V': play as Big Foot now that this secret has been unlocked!


The Grand Theft Auto franchise had been known to have secrets that are very well hidden to playersbut never for long. As for GTA V, players have finally unlocked how to play Sasquatch and run wild in the game’s world as the Big Foot.

As reported by Kotaku, a Reddit user by the name rkRusty made the thrilling discovery that allows players to transform into the ape Sasquatch.

The hype about this new secret that Rockstar hid in the game began when a new achievement popped up after the patch update in the past weeks. The new achievement was called “Cryptozoologist.” Its description read: “You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode… or did you?”

After extensive searching and digging into the game’s files, the search is now over. As detailed by the user rkRusty, a gold peyote was found in South-West Chiliad State Wildernesswith exact game coordinates -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862while the weather was foggy, and it was 8 A.M. in-game time. Here are some known in-game conditions that must be met for the player to achieve the transformation.

  • Must have at least cleared the gameno 100% Gold on all missions needed
  • Can only be done on Tuesday from 5.30 to 8am
  • Weather must be foggy, or at least forced to foggy condition using a cheat code. This condition translates to snow for the console versions of the game
  • Must have collected all the 27 other peyotes
  • Must have completed “The Last vOne” mission without killing Sasquatch
  • Not connected to the new ‘Hunt the Beast’ freemode events
  • Completing the peyote awards the ‘Wild Animal’ actor in Director mode
  • There is no character monologue whilst playing as Sas, nor does Sas have a first person option
  • This game sequence can be replayed
  • No trophy/achievement can be unlocked in pulling off the transformation
  • Franklin returns to reality after wildly vomiting