GTA V Online update Rockstar treats gamers to bonuses and discounts with roll out of ill-gotten gains update part 1


GTA V online lovers are in for a real visual treat as they embark on ill-gotten gains, a much awaited update. Part 1 can be downloaded from today and will be highlighted further by the June 12-14 weekend socials event that Rockstar Games has prepared for them. According to Game Spot, the launch event on June 12 until June 14 will be come with many bonuses and discounts.

Adversary modes with online heists will give twice the usual in-game cash. Moreover, there will be many more crate drops especially in the luxurious hangouts like the yachts and Rockford Hills Properties, discounted by as much as 25%. Then, there will be new items like gold helicopters and airplanes, to boot. Rockstar Games is pulling out all the stops to make ill-gotten gain a real sinful pleasure for the gamers.

Inquisitr reports that apart from the famous features, there will be a new in-game playlist plus Battle Gear Bonus items like molotovs, armors, bombs, and proximity mines. In addition, a week ago, there were around 6 new vehicles to choose from which were released precisely as preparation for this upcoming ill-gotten gain update. PC Games N names some of these vehicles: Enus Windsor, Buckingham Swift DeLuxe, Combat PDW, and Pegassi Osiris. Cinema Blend cites the official press document: “Upscale merchants of all kinds are scrambling to fill their inventories to serve the newly wealthy.” And to match these inventories, new clothing will also be provided for the gamers.

The PC version is also having its own interesting twists, according to the iDigitalTimes. There is a customized map from London 1969 released in the present version of the game. Fans can also contribute to the fever by providing their own flavors. One from New Zealand introduces Kiwi culture by giving out maps for Pak ‘N Save, Kiwibank, and Tui.

Ill-gotten gains part 2 will be out by summer.