‘GTA V Online’ releases latest update, featuring Grotti GT500

A promotional image for "Grand Theft Auto V Online." (Facebook/grandtheftautoV)

Rockstar Games has released the newest update to the highly acclaimed role-playing game (RPG) “Grand Theft Auto V Online” (GTA V Online) Tuesday, offering the monster sports car Grotti GT500, as well as a host of discounts and challenges.

The main inclusion in the new update is a new sports car in the form of the Grotti GT500, which combines the sleek look of a sports car with the classic look of a muscle car. The Italian creation includes a powerful motor that is simulated really well in the game, allowing players to experience the virtual thrill of commanding a beast of a car. After the update, players can grab the new car via Legendary Motorsport.

Aside from the new car, the “GTA V Online” update brings a new multiplayer mode, the 16-player Air Quota. In this mode, the 16 players are split into four teams, who will then compete against each other in the airspace above Los Santos. Players will be able to use a variety of aircraft that range from helicopters to jets, and even jetpacks.

Until Jan. 22, the game will award players participating in Air Quota double currency rewards.

With the new “GTA V Online” update, players will also be able to enjoy some nice discounts on items and in-game upgrades. Now is a great time for players who want to get Facility upgrades, as the game is offering 25 percent off of style, graphics, and security room upgrades.

The Buckingham Pyro and HVY Nightshark vehicles are also available at cheaper prices, with a 25 percent discount.

The update also brings the Premium Stunt Race Plummet, which will be locked to Supers. For Time Trial, Tonga Valley is the featured track. Players who finish in the top three in the Stunt Race will get additional “GTA” money.

“GTA V Online” has continued to garner success, even it is already a few year old. However, it only seems to get better as time goes by, as the game has recently revealed that 2017 was actually its biggest year.