'GTA Online' news: Game's success may bring changes to 'GTA 6'; discounts available in celebration of custom Declasse Sabre Turbo debut


“Grand Theft Auto Online’s” massive success may bring changes to the upcoming sixth installment of its parent game, “Grand Theft Auto,” latest reports suggest.

According to an article from Forbes, “GTA Online” gaining so much popularity has given Rockstar Games an idea on what boxes to tick for their newest full-game title. Released in 2013, the side feature has reportedly packed as much as $500 million in micro transactions with minimal production cost as it was part of developing “GTA 5.” These numbers are nowhere near the profits earned by other games except for mobile ones which are already based on the aforementioned business model.

Given the money it has brought Rockstar, the company is supposedly looking to make “GTA Online” a full-fledged feature for their upcoming release. Instead of being just an online mode, fans can expect to have a complete arsenal in creating their own lead characters as it is one of the more unique features of “GTA Online.”

The report also solidifies the speculation by pointing out the lack of story DLC for “GTA 5.” Rockstar would rather earn money from minor updates for “GTA Online” which has lower cost than producing a comprehensive extension pack for the main game.

Shall this speculation turn out to be true, it is interesting how Rockstar will go by the transition. A lot of fans still enjoy the existing set-up of “GTA” and making such a stark change can also cause some backlash.

Meanwhile, “GTA Online” is currently celebrating following the launch of the customizable Declasse Sabre Turbo earlier this week. Games Radar reported that the car’s debut came with freebies and discounts which fans can take advantage of. These consist of 20 percent off all properties including garages and up to 50 percent savings on tattoos, hairstyles and select clothing. Mechanic fees are also free until the end of the event. Double RP rewards, on the other hand, is available via impromptu racing and even just driving in Freemode.

To those who have not checked out the event yet, it will be running until today. Head here for more details.