'GTA Online' news: New bike model and Vehicle Vendetta Adversary mode released


The latest “Grand Theft Auto Online” update gives players a new motorcycle and a new game mode. The Vehicle Vendetta mode allows players to collect powerups for their vehicles.

According to Game Rant, “GTA Online” players have been treated to a wide variety of choices recently. After all, the multiplayer component of “GTA V” saw the “Import/Export” expansion DLC, which lets players steal luxury vehicles for profit, as well as the new Adversary mode that went online just in time for the holidays.

However, it does not end there as the newest free update for the game has been released. The update enables players to get their very own Pegasi FCR 1000 motorcycle, which is an instant classic. Also, the new Adversary mode released in the update is called Vehicle Vendetta.

Rockstar explains that the new mode lets players team up and go around with their vehicles to collect the various power-ups that give different effects. These include “Beast,” which transforms the player’s vehicle to a Rhino Tank; “Ghost,” which allows the players to drive through other vehicles and still their powerups while becoming translucent; and “Deadline,” which turns the players’ vehicle into the Nagasaki Shotaro, a Tron-inspired motorcycle released in one of the previous updates.

As another means of giving more to players who participate in the Vehicle Vendetta mode, they will receive double EXP and GTA$ for the whole duration of the event, according to iTech Post. Those who choose not to can still receive double EXP and GTA$ when participating the “GTA Online” Stunt Races.

Unfortunately, with the apparent aggressiveness of Rockstar for the “GTA Online” DLC plans, it becomes less likely that the developer will turn its attention to the story mode DLCs for “GTA V.” This is despite the fact that the developer has confirmed that a DLC for the said game is being developed.