GTA Online Lowrider DLC lets gamers enjoy customization of car accessories and characters


While fans have been anticipating from Rockstar Games the sixth of its Grand Theft Auto series, the developers are keen to keep players hooked on GTA V by updating through expansions, including the GTA Online game.

Initially announced months ago, GTA Online Lowrider DLC came on October 20 which comes with a trailer. The DLC seems to come with numerous options, as iDigital Times observed that almost everything in the expansion is customizable including steering wheels, colors and art decorated on the car, and the knobs. GTA Online Lowrider seems to keep its focus on GTA V character, Lamar, added the same review.

The DLC includes a new garage called Benny’s Original Motor Works, where players can get parts customized. Players can choose sub-options for customizing their interior, chassis, and engine, as well as hydraulics and new liveries. Aside from this, two brand new vehicles, along with four existing, were added to the garage, giving the access to unique mods available on Benny’s Original Motor Works.

Along with the additions, the DLC also includes two new loops, San Andreas Loop and Liberty City Loop, as well as two new weapons in the form of Machine Pistol and Machete. These weapons also get their level up through the additional engravings added, which includes Yusuf Amir Luxury Finish for Pump Shotgun, Assault SMG, Combat Pistol, and MG Gilded Gun Metal Finish for the Bullpup Rifle, Etched Gun Metal Finish for Combat MG, and a Special Carbine Etched Wood Grip Finish for the SNS Pistol.

The characters also get their own enhancement with more options available as the DLC added four new hair styles, 17 new tattoos, and hundreds of new clothes, for both female and male characters. At Rank Five, players get to see new contact Missions for Lamar, as well as three new adversary modes, namely Offense Defense, Keep the Pace, and Relay.

However, fans using older consoles will not be able to see this as the DLC is only available for Play Station 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Some other updates are PC-exclusive while specific fixes were also made for Play Station 4 and PC owners.

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