'GTA 6' to release in 2018? Liberty City setting?


The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is currently underway, bringing with it a gigantic load of new announcements for all things gaming, but the next title in Rockstar Games’ lauded “Grand Theft Auto” series is still nowhere in sight.

It was previously reported that Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, was going to appear at E3 2016 in a “big way.” The news prompted speculations about what the company might do, with the more prominent rumors suggesting that the company might do something about either one of its two most hotly anticipated sequels “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “Grant Theft Auto VI.”

As E3 2016 is still only partway done, Take-Two Interactive still has room to make their “big” splash but their time to do so is quickly dwindling down.

The current rumors about the prospective next game in the series after 2013’s “Grand Theft Auto V” suggest that “Grand Theft Auto VI” might arrive in 2018 at the earliest even if it were to be announced now. The delay is thanks to Rockstar’s current projects; primarily the maintenance of “Grand Theft Auto Online,” the multiplayer aspect of “Grand Theft Auto V,” and the strongly rumored “Red Dead Redemption.”

There is a strong likelihood for the “Grand Theft Auto” sequel to not be present at this year’s E3, with reports clamoring that it is more likely that Take-Two might focus its announcements on new downloadable content (DLC) for “Grand Theft Auto V.” Reportedly, Rockstar Games could be working on new expansions for “Grand Theft Auto Online” and possibly even a new story pack for “Grand Theft Auto V.”

One of the possible new content is the much speculated return of Liberty City, the titular setting of one of the “Grand Theft Auto” side entries, to either “Grand Theft Auto V” or its multiplayer aspect. The city is also rumored to possibly be the setting or part of the whole map of “Grand Theft Auto VI,” with other areas like Tokyo and San Andreas also rumored.

Until any official announcements from either Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive however, fans can only speculate.