'GTA 6' release date to drop by 2018; Oklahoma to be the title's backdrop?


Rockstar’s hit franchise “Grand Theft Auto” is tipped to drop its latest game iteration by 2018. Countless reports are speculating that “Grand Auto Theft VI” will come roughly two years from now if the game publisher’s release trend is to be followed.

The last two main titles of the franchise were released with a five-year gap in between them. “GTA IV” was released back in 2008 and was then followed by “GTA V” in 2013. Given this, rumors are rife that Rockstar will also follow the same pattern which gives “GTA VI” an expected 2018 release date.

While the reports regarding the release pattern definitely holds its own in a pool of alleged release dates, some choose to believe that the upcoming game will only hit the market at the same time as the release of the next generation consoles, namely the Xbox Two and the PlayStation 5. Rockstar would have it as a good business ploy to capitalize on the hype of the gaming consoles, which they hope will rub off on their upcoming title. However, this theory is a little bit trickier because there is currently no word on when the new consoles will be released.

Regardless of the release date rumors for “GTA VI,” it is safe to say that it is still very early for Rockstar to be dropping specifics with regard to its gameplay. However, this does not slow down fans of the franchise who eagerly scour the web for any possible hints on the game.

The latest coming out of the rumor mill is that the next iteration of the action-adventure video game series will have a female-led narrative. Another one is that it will be set in the city of Oklahoma. The metropolis is said to be conducive to the gameplay of the “GTA” franchise, which is known for its mature content involving crime and violence. Oklahoma may provide the best setting since it is considered as one of the most dangerous urban areas in the United States. Prior to this claim, Boston was also thought to be in the running as the franchise’s next location, however, it may have been deemed as too peaceful by developers.

With the lack of any official word from Rockstar, “GTA” loyalists have no choice but to keep their fingers crossed that the publisher will have something in store for them in next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.