'GTA 6' release date: game to be VR ready, to launch at PlayStation event?


It has been three years since Rockstar Games released “Grand Theft Auto 5,” and since then, rumors of a new game in the popular franchise have been spreading like wildfire online. The latest rumors suggest that “GTA 6” could make an appearance at a PlayStation event in the coming days, and that the title will have virtual reality (VR) support, which will undoubtedly give players a new gaming experience if this comes to pass.

According to ExpertReviews, the latest claims suggest that the upcoming title might be playable in VR, allowing gamers to use the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or even the PlayStation VR and feel like they are truly part of the game. It’s possible that Rockstar Games could offer a VR version of the game, as Evolution Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s “Driveclub” will be getting a VR version later this year in line with the launch of the PlayStation VR head-mounted display.

Being part of the high-speed chases in “GTA 6” could certainly be an attractive prospect for VR fans, but there is the issue of some players who have complained of motion sickness while playing certain games. There is also the question of whether experiencing “GTA’s” more violent scenes could be off-putting for the player, as seen in “GTA 5’s” controversial torture scenes. However, no confirmation has been made whether “GTA 6” will be VR-ready, and if the game developer chooses to offer a VR version of the title, then it’s likely that they could refine the game to address the aforementioned issues.

Meanwhile, it has been rumored that “GTA 6” could make an appearance at the upcoming PlayStation press conference happening in New York this September. The event is said to feature the debut of the PlayStation Neo, and at this point, the chances of Rockstar Games appearing at the event are said to be high given the popularity of the franchise. However, it has also been said that Rockstar might choose to unveil “GTA 6” at a separate event, and that the game won’t be released this year.

“GTA 6” is expected to be released in late 2017.