'GTA 6' release date: Rumors of a 2018 release unlikely unless Rockstar starts working on the game in 2016


Unless an official announcement from Rockstar Games comes out, it is unlikely that the studio will be releasing “Grand Theft Auto 6” in 2018.

According to a report by Crossmap, the 2018 speculation comes only as a fan theory, which they may have determined using the release pattern of Rockstar Games for previous installments of the franchise.

The report said that if Rockstar was set on developing the following chapter of the game, it should at least start working on the new game by the end of 2016.

It can be recalled that the first “GTA” came out in 1997, and the sequel came in 1999. “GTA 3” was released in 2001, but it took seven years before the actual fourth installment was released in 2008. It then took another five years to release “GTA 5” in 2013.

The report said that ‘GTA 6’ may not be a priority for Rockstar as of the moment because it is focused on developing more content on its most recent offering “GTA Online.”

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that should the game materialize, it could feature the entire U.S. map for the game instead of only focusing on certain locations.

Based on a report by GTA6 Grand Theft Auto website, Leslie Benzies chief of Rockstar games shared the outline of the “GTA 6” development wherein the team will be working on the map, storyline, and missions.

The map, according to the report, will include cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and other major cities in America.

A report by Master Herald also suggested that a female protagonist could be starring in the next game, given the studio’s tendency to spin the norm to deliver a different take.

Aside from new missions, new locations, more vehicles and customizable characters which as on the fans’ wishlist, the report said that “GTA 6” could employ a more realistic approach to the design and feel of the game.

However, the report is leaning more towards a 2020 release window rather than a 2018 launch.