'GTA 6' release date, rumors: New game to feature a female protagonist?


“GTA 6” is still one of the most highly-anticipated games in the current generation of gamers. However, its release date is still unknown, but that does not mean that people will stop speculating about what it will offer once it gets released.

According to Enstarz, there are a lot of rumors about the game, especially about its setting. With this, a lot of people are anticipating that the new sequel for the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise will feature a different location.

There are outlets saying that it is possible for it to reoccur in Vice City or even Texas. But a lot of other players believe that Miami or New York City might be the perfect setting for the game.

Apart from the setting, another possibly good feature of the game is the players’ capability of changing their character’s appearance as well as their clothes. Furthermore, one of the most controversial rumored features of the game is the introduction of the female protagonist.

If the rumor proves true, it is unclear whether or not the character is the protagonist as it is still possible that the female character will only play a supporting cast role. Regardless, it is rumored that the developers are taking their time to ensure that the female character will be more interesting to the fans.

To further support this, according to the BitBag, there is already buzz that the heads in Rockstar are already seriously considering the idea of giving “GTA 6” a female lead. The company’s co-founder, Dan Houser, said in an interview that having a female lead for the game is plausible.

Hauser was pretty vague in his statement, but he said that in a female lead character can definitely be made in the future. He just thinks that they just need to find the right game for it, and it is possible that “GTA 6” might be the game they’re looking for.