'GTA 6' release date rumors, latest news: game's delay still attributed to map confusion


For the fans of the “Grand Theft Auto” video game series, the eerie denial by developer Rockstar Games of the development of a sixth installment should not be construed as an act implying that it no longer will see the light of day. The fact remains the same: that “GTA” is one of the most successful video game franchises in history and it doesn’t make any sense if a new game, which by the way is long overdue, wouldn’t be made.

According to Mobi Picker, the game is a go, but the setting is most likely going to be different, which means it no longer will resemble anything like Los Santos or San Andreas. The report said that because the previous game “GTA 5” was set in the West Coast, it is likely that the developers are leaning towards moving away from there and instead take Liberty City or even Vice City into serious consideration.

But the bolder speculation is that the new game will actually be played in a location or city outside of the United States. In fact, several theories surfaced the past couple of months, including one that claimed Rockstar Games as planning to develop the game with a Tokyo setting. Another rumor said that the reason why there hasn’t been any information given about the game is because the developers are busy figuring out how feasible a London map could be.

Meanwhile, Trusted Review noted the possibility of “GTA 6” with a map that features the entire United States, which actually makes sense if one is to ponder on the reason why it’s taking Rockstar Games so long to release information about the game. Well, if it really is true that the developers are planning to use a substantially bigger map this time, then they need all the time they can get in order to make it possible.