'GTA 6' release date: September launch rumors persist; upcoming installment to feature Eva Mendes as new protagonist?


Rumors about the much-anticipated “Grand Theft Auto VI” continue to be a jumbled mess with persistent reports that Rockstar Games will pull a shocker and drop the game at this month’s PlayStation Meeting.

This new tip roots from a cryptic tweet from business insider Tidux who posted an emoji of a guitar beside a star and the hashtag “PSM.” Gamers were quick to read into the statement which eventually led to the belief that he was referring to Rockstar Games having a hand at Sony’s upcoming event. Of course, there are other properties that the game developer can unveil but arguably the one raking in the most interest is something from the “Grand Theft Auto” series.

The new installment still proves to be a hot commodity despite the fact that that the online mode for “Grand Theft Auto V” is doing fine for just being a side feature. One cannot deny that new content is still a huge deal especially for those wanting to explore what has been posed for “GTA VI.”

Over the course of the last couple of months, countless gameplay details and potential backdrops have been speculated on. There is the rumor of a massive map that will be cumulative of all the schemes that all games from the franchise have offered so far. Recent rumors also claim that Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has signed up to voice the iteration’s new female protagonist. Both these ideas are impressive to say the least but it might be a little risky to roll out a groundbreaking “GTA” installment without building interest from the fans.

On the other hand, believers of the shotgun release argue that the series has garnered enough of a loyal fan base that Rockstar Games can pull it off without risking a sales dip. The open world title has been in the market for almost 20 years already which is more than enough time to have its gameplay tested.

If a Sept. 7 launch, which is also the same day as the PlayStation Meeting, does not materialize, other speculations point to a 2018 release following the developer’s five-year trend for releasing a new installment. “GTA V” was released back in 2013 and its predecessor, “GTA IV,” debuted back in 2008. Some, however, believe that “GTA VI” may see the light of day next year as part of the franchise turning two decades old.