'GTA 6' release date: Rockstar to reveal new projects 'soon'


The long rumored sequel game “Grand Theft Auto VI” may be coming sooner than later, as game developer Rockstar Games was revealed to already be working on new projects.

Take-Two Interactive revealed during its most recent earnings call that its subsidiary Rockstar Games would be announcing “some exciting future projects” which could mean that new games would be released soon. Fans have speculated that the top options for this would be either “GTA VI” or the equally anticipated “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

In other news, Take-Two, the overall publisher for popular game franchises such as “GTA,” “BioShock” and “XCOM” recently expressed its support for Nintendo’s upcoming console, the NX.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, the publishing company’s CEO Strauss Zelnick said that they are in full support of and are “believers” of what Nintendo is cooking up for the NX console. The company executive also shared his side in the perceived decline of the Wii U, which has been considered as one of the less successful releases from the company when it comes to consoles.

“It’s not a slump, it’s intentional,” he said. “They come to market, they do really well, and then they sort of exit the market for a period of time. … They’re really thoughtful, they come to market with something they really think is going to work, more often than not it really works, it blows up, and then eventually they let it decline and they move on to the next thing. They don’t mind having time in between.”

The CEO, however, did not talk about whether they intended to release long rumored installments of their popular franchises for the new console system.

The Nintendo NX would be released sometime in March of 2017, as announced by the Japanese gaming giant. However, previous rumors have it that “GTA VI” might not be released until 2020, due to Rockstar allegedly waiting for the arrival of the next-generation console systems from gaming companies, and in order for the game to have a feature that fans have been rooting for the new “Grand Theft Auto” game to have, which is support for virtual reality (VR) gaming.