'GTA 6' release date, news: Easter eggs point to Vice City, North Yankton; 'GTA 5' PC mod delivers stunning graphics


Rumors are rife that Easter eggs found in Rockstar Games’ popular action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto V” may point to a new installment in the pipeline.

According to Neurogadget, some players have allegedly spotted certain clues in the current game. These include a towel found in Vespucci Beach which has the words “I Love V.C,” which is taken to mean as Vice City. It can be recalled that it is one of the most famous locations in the franchise. In addition, a couple of plane tickets were also found on Michael’s table. The tickets were apparently for North Yankton which other gamers believe to be the next setting for “Grand Theft Auto VI.”

Interestingly, these findings are deemed to be backed up by similar ones found in “Grant Theft Auto IV” in which there was a plane billboard with an advertisement for flying to Los Santos. In “Grand Theft Auto V,” players actually returned to Los Santos. Moreover, the brand name on the billboard is said to be identical to the one stamped on the tickets in Michael’s place.

On the other hand, reports claim that “Grand Theft Auto VI” may be put on the back burner for the meantime as the developer still wants to focus on the current iteration. They are also expected to be busy with the recently confirmed “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

As fans wait for an official announcement, they can first check the graphical facelift created by modder Josh Romito titled “GTA V Redux.” Nowloading shares that some of the features that highlight a better-looking Blaine County.

Specifically the improvements can be seen in the weather files which have been rewritten from scratch; added volumetric lighting; massively improved terrain tessellation; brand-new textures for billboards, vehicles, trailers, bus stops and taxi ads; and 4K textures on the landscapes, greenery, fire explosions, particle effects, water, clouds and sky dome.

Interested PC gamers can get the mod from its website.