'GTA 6' release date, news: budget could be reason why upcoming game hasn't been made official


Fans of the “Grand Theft Auto” series of video games can say all they want on why the sixth title hasn’t been released yet; but the one thing they never can deny is the fact that the current version, “Grand Theft Auto V” is still very popular. And because Rockstar Games added an online version with newly released downloadable content, it’s fair to assume that “GTA VI” is far from getting a release.

According to GameNGuide, the game developer already professed that it will be putting all of its attention to “GTA V” for the moment, but the truth is the company isn’t really ready to welcome the thought of developing a new one when the existing title is still making money. The same report also added that considering the reality of having to shell out millions of dollars to produce and develop a new installment in the “GTA” series, Rockstar is for now satisfied with just cooling it down for a bit and let time decide when they can come up with the same money they had to produce in creating “GTA V.”

And because the upcoming open world action-adventure video game is rumored to be featuring virtual reality support, it means that Rockstar will have to come up with the kind of money that has to be bigger than the previous 200+ million budget used to develop “GTA V,” although fans of the game franchise won’t have to worry that much considering how popular “GTA” is and abandoning it is like suicide for Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive.

For the moment, the only thing every fan out there can do is wait; but it doesn’t have to be that painful and agonizing because they can still enjoy the consistent updates Rockstar is providing them with regard to “GTA V.”