GTA 6 release date, gameplay, rumors game's development confirmed, will location be outside of U.S.?


Grand Theft Auto, a highly popular action and adventure video game, is now up for its sixth installment. The GTA 6 is expected for release to gaming consoles by 2018 or 2019, according to a report by The Master Herald. According to the same, Rockstar, the main developer of the game, sought initial inputs from Develop Studios to help form the much awaited installment of GTA. There were already some old reports of rumors that a female character may enter the scene and larger maps but they remain to be confirmed up until today.

With the tail of the feverish response of gamers to the release of GTA 5, the location issue or setting of the GTA 6 is now currently under so much debate and speculation across various platforms. Like many high profile products online, no official announcement has been made yet to dispel or confirm any of the debates online about the location. The only sure thing is that it’s going to have a wider scope. Some of the rumored locations include Portland, Texas, Chicago, and even London. Current release of GTA is at Los Santos or Blane Country.

After the skyrocketing sales in a three-year period for five installments of this game, Rockstar is currently under high pressure to level things up further in GTA 6. Gaming bloggers such as Movie Pilot venture even into topics of being able to drive the GTA game to country and state levels, similar to what has been reported in other sites.

There is also no confirmation yet on the theme. Former versions of GTA have undercurrents or themes and this will also be expected in GTA 6 by the gamers. In GTA 4, the American Dream was criticized. In GTA 5, America’s modern culture was given focus. This time around, it may range from various topics especially if it will entail an expansion or change of geographic location that is outside the United States.