'GTA 6' news, release date rumors: Rockstar Games should be able to manage a 2018 release


The fact that Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto” series of video games is so popular makes it a lot easier to come up with speculations and theories about the upcoming installment, “GTA 6,” but a huge chunk of those fan-created rumors are nothing more than wishful thinking.

While the developer of the game didn’t deny the existence of a “GTA 6,” there is still no confirmation as to when it will be released for public consumption. But that doesn’t stop fans from making theories up, the most popular of which is the claim that the new video game will be played in a substantially larger map compared to the previous installments.

According to a report, the new game can either be played in San Diego or in London, which the latter could provide a more possible prospect considering that Rockstar Games’ previous open world adventure video games under the “GTA” banner have always been set in an American city.

Should the London plan push through, it could mean further delay in its release since there should be more than a handful of changes to be made, including the fact that London’s vehicles are right-hand drives. That alone would mean a total change in how the vehicles are to be driven, and driving and wrecking cars are a common part of the game series’ storyline.

There’s hope that “GTA 6” will eventually get its much-awaited release in 2018, and although that is literally two years from now, it has to be pointed out that the previous installments were released five years apart. To recall, the last game of the series, “Grand Theft Auto V,” was made available in 2013. But if the 2018 release date pushes through, it may not be the best timing since a report claims that two of the highly anticipated upgrades for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles are likely to be released in 2020, or roughly two years after the ‘GTA 6’ is projected to be unveiled.