GTA 5 Online September DLC release date: Free content update with 'Freemode Events' feature makes its way to gamers September 15


Rockstar has been fairly quiet when it comes to updates for “GTA V Online” but some avid fans took it upon themselves to share their knowledge on the imminent release of some developments.

Renowned Youtuber MrBossFTW also known as Ross states that the September release of the rumored downloadable content pack may be coming sooner than expected. While another tipster said that the DLC folder is already uploaded in the server.

After many speculations, Rockstar north director of design Imran Sarwar finally confirmed to Mashable that the latest free update will be rolling out September 15 with a new feature called “Freemode Events.”

In this mode, up to 30 players can participate in the free world and do whatever they want and form alliances whenever they deem necessary.

“Freemode Events add another layer of gameplay options to an already deep online experience. They add some structured gameplay, more lucrative rewards, and bring exciting new game modes seamlessly into the open-world without loading screens or lobbies. They blend the idea of freeform gameplay with fun structured events in ways we haven’t achieved before,” Sarwar said.

He added that the event will happen every 12 minutes into the game and will be divided into two types ranging from “insane stunt challenges” to a “more structured gameplay.” The activities will be offered randomly providing some exciting undertakings while the player roams around the map on his own. The Freemode is also fully customizable using Player Interaction Menu.

What makes the feature more interesting is the option for the player to jump in an event albeit being in progress to see what is going on. In checkpoint challenges, several players can team up to successfully finish it and they can split their winnings afterwards.

However, unlike traditional heists and jobs where it easier to set and balance rewards and payouts, Freemode takes into consideration the time limit, number of players, scores of the top three gamers for apportioning Cash and RP.