'GTA 5 Online' DLC release date, news: major update expected before year's end


The fact that Rockstar Games have been delivering updates and changes to its existing “Grand Theft Auto 5 Online” game is testament enough of how much great value it is giving to the “Grand Theft Auto” video game franchise. Although fans of this series welcome any major or minor update that would give them a reason to play the literally old game, every single one of them still wants the same thing a sixth installment.

But because “GTA 6” isn’t coming soon, Rockstar is trying to minimize disappointment by keeping gamers hooked on “GTA 5 Online,” especially with the release of the Bikers downloadable content (DLC). Now, just after several weeks, another one was released, and per Express UK, the newly launched Halloween DLC comes with two brand-new vehicles as well as a completely new mode to play in the “Adversary Mode.”

To be more specific, the LCC Sanctus motorcycle added to the game is nothing short of scary, while the Lost vs Damned mode is the perfect game to play this Halloween season, where gameplay is centered on the battle between Devils and Angels with the victorious group hoping to rule the world. And while the concept is nothing really new, the mode is actually quite fun and fresh since the conflict to be fought by the good and bad sides is set in a day-night cycle, switching every one minute. Obviously, the nighttime is advantageous for evil while daytime is high time for Angels.

But according to reports, the Halloween update isn’t really the last one expected for “GTA 5 Online” since another one is coming right before the end of the year. Anyway, regardless of what new things this update will offer, the fact is it’s really not that surprising considering that it has long been speculated that a holiday-inspired update will be released in time for Christmas.