'Grimm' season 6 spoilers: all magic has their consequences; Nick has to be wary of Renard and Diana


In season 6 of NBC’s supernatural series “Grimm,” viewers may expect the characters to deal with more repercussions as a result of their previous actions.

According to TVLine, series co-creator David Greenwalt warns that all magic has its consequences and Nick Burkhardt’s (David Giuntoli) mysterious stick will be no exception. “That stick unlocks things that should never have been unlocked. There was a reason that was buried for all time,” he stated.

On an interview with TV Insider, Giuntoli previously shared what he thought about the magical item, which saved Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) and revealed the real Juliette fleetingly, “We don’t know much more, like what kind of evil this stick could be used for if it falls into the wrong hands. He just puts that crazy stick back in his pocket. Is he going to tell the rest of the gang? We’ll see.”

Meanwhile, reports claim that Nick has to watch his back for the potentially disastrous collaboration between Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Diana (Hannah R. Loyd). During the last season’s finale, Renard demonstrated the extent of his powers when he appeared to have killed a very powerful Zauberbiest, Conrad Bonaparte (Shaun Toub), as the latter had hurt Adalind (Claire Coffee). Meanwhile, Diana could target Nick in the upcoming season since he has become a hindrance to the reunion of her parents.

Giuntoli mused that if Renard manages to convince Diana to be on his side, she will be a big threat as she already understands her abilities even at a young age. Nick has to watch out for the Portland mayor.

“There’s a pattern of behavior with Renard that’s well established by now. Renard is in love with himself and with power, so when he slays Bonaparte Nick isn’t going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s probably thinking ‘Am I next? Or maybe. ‘Is Renard trying to use me for something here?'” he continued.

The sixth installment of “Grimm” is expected to air sometime at the end of the year.