Grimm Season 5 spoilers: Nick Burkhardt is deeply wounded but father instincts are strong; David Giuntoli hints at bond with Hexenbeist Adalind


Detective Nick Burkhardt will be a changed man when NBC’s supernatural series “Grimm,” returns for season five.

After the devastating finale where his mother Kelly was decapitated and his girlfriend-turned-Hexenbeist Juliette was slayed at his home, Nick will go rogue as he seeks revenge against the Wesen world.

Actor David Giuntoli told TV Insider that his character will not care about his job anymore, “He starts [the season] in an extremely dark place, the exact opposite of how we met him at the start of the series, where he was 99 percent cop and 1 percent Grimm. Now he’s 99 percent Grimm… But in our season premiere, he’ll focus that revenge on one person in particular. But first there’s Juliette’s funeral. That’s our zany season opener.”

He added that people around him will be concerned about his mental state including Captain Renard who wants him out of the team and Hank and Russell who think that he may become a danger to them and to himself. However, they will still have his back and he stays in his job.

When it comes to being a father to his baby with Adalind, Giuntoli teased that the co-parenting situation forces the two to bond in a strange way. Even though Nick was tricked into impregnating the Hexenbeist, his paternal instincts will win over and he will protect them by moving them into a bunker equipped with the best security system.

Executive producer Jim Kouf shares that the delivery of the newborn will take place in the season-opener, “Nick makes it to the hospital just in time as Adalind is in labor with their child. As if Nick and Adalind’s relationship wasn’t tumultuous enough, the new baby has complications during birth that threaten Adalind’s life.”

Moreover, the series will give more light and explain the key mythology of Wesen while introducing new creatures such as the Loch Ness monster and a rat king.

Actress Carlson Young has been casted as Selina Golias, a character whose boyfriend died as she hides a survivor of an attack and becomes the target of the king.

Grimm season five premieres on October 30.