Grimm season 5 spoilers: how will Nick deal with arrival of Adalind's child? Carlson Young is newest cast addition


Even after the death of his girlfriend Juliette at the end of Season 4, Grimm protagonist Nick Burkhardt will be facing another tribulation when Season 5 opens.

This is because Adalind Schade, who is pregnant with his child, will be experiencing troubles that will threaten her life when she gives birth, the Inquistr reported.

The spoiler was confirmed by executive producer of the show, Jim Kouf, who revealed that Adalind’s ordeal will make up a big part of the season premiere.

“Nick makes it to the hospital just in time as Adalind is in labor with their child. As if Nick and Adalind’s relationship wasn’t tumultuous enough, the new baby has complications during birth that threaten Adalind’s life,” the showrunner said in the Inquistr article.

Nick will be facing this in addition to dealing with the grief he is experiencing after the death of his girlfriend Juliette. He will be receiving support from police officer and friend Reggie Wu, Crossmap reported.

In addition to Nick and Adalind’s child, Grimm will also be seeing a new face joining the cast in Season 5.

Carlson Young will be that new addition, playing a young woman named Selina Golias, TV Line reported.

Young’s character will be involved in a race for survival as she is pursued by a Wesen king, after she and her boyfriend got caught up in a feud between the king and another Wesen. The fighting killed her boyfriend, and now the Wesen king wants to kill her as well.

Because the actress will now be involved with Grimm, the International Business Times said that her character Brooke in Scream is likely to be killed at the conclusion of the current season.

The article also noted that Brooke was already critically injured by the masked killer in Lakewood High School. Being on the killer’s “hit list,” it is likely that the murderer will pursue her and kill her eventually.