'Grey's Anatomy' news: Cristina Yang to return to the show? Denzel Washington directs episodes


Will Cristina Yang, Meredith Grey’s main “person” return to “Grey’s Anatomy” again?

In a report by Inquisitr, Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt in the series, confirmed that Cristina Yang was part of Derek Shepherd’s funeral to lend support to Meredith’s character.

However, the scene between the two was presented as a long shot and back view since Sandra Oh’s character was portrayed by a stand in.

The report said that there is a very strong possibility that the character will return to Grey-Sloan Memorial if only to mend fences with her ex-husband Owen.

“Cristina was there. I presume Sandra was busy and unavailable for that episode, which was the only reason why [the body double was used]. That funeral sequence was meant to imply that Cristina was obviously there for Meredith. Her presence was felt,” he said to TVLine.

Sandra Oh earlier said that she would gladly come back to the series when it finally ends.

“The show’s going to continue to go on and have its own life, and eventually it would have to come to a close. I’d love to come back,” she added.

Meanwhile, when the show returns for the second half of season 12, Meredith’s life will be put in danger. The episode is directed by no less than Academy Award winner Denzel Washington.

“Meredith is attacked, and it is as terrifying and as shocking as you would expect for it to be. Get ready to have your guts feel like they’re coming out of you, because it is truly harrowing,” Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie in the show, said in an interview with TVLine.

The actress warned that this time around, the danger is more palpalable for Meredith because she will have no control over the situation.