‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 14 spoilers: Jo and Alex to reunite?

A promotional image for "Grey's Anatomy." (Facebook/GreysAnatomy)

Things could start to escalate on a positive note for two main characters of “Grey’s Anatomy” in season 14.

Though nothing concrete has been detailed, there are hints circulating online that point to the possibility of a reunion. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington), whose pairing is called “Jalex,” may patch things up in the upcoming season. Luddington tweeted a GIF showing the two characters during the time when everything was still fine.

The post also came with the caption. “Tease…   #s14 starting soon and I’m wondering whats in store? #GreysAnatomy,” the caption read. If Luddington’s excitement for the two characters is something that fans can hold on to, then things could take an interesting turn, as the two try to rekindle their old spark.

In season 13, Jo admitted to Alex that she had already been married. Her marriage, however, took a wrong turn. She has been abused by her husband and has been running away from him. A report from The Christian Post also noted that Alex could not accept why Jo had to lie to him concerning her past. Her lies greatly affected his trust. What’s more is that prior to the revelation of her marriage, Alex was proposing to her.

Jo’s response, however, was always to delay her answer, since she was having a hard time telling Alex the truth that she was married. What fans can look forward to is what Alex’s next move will be, considering that he opted to step back and assess their relationship.

In addition, some have floated the idea that Jo’s husband, Paul, will continue to stalk and bug her. It will be interesting to see how Alex reacts to the situation. Will he go the extra mile and help drive Paul out of the picture?

Meanwhile, the Inquisitr reported last May that Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) will get together. Should it happen, it could very well kill the chances of Jackson and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) getting back together.

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 14 airs this fall on ABC.