'Grey's Anatomy' season 12 midseason premiere explores Meredith's story


After airing its eighth episode last Nov. 19 with several open-ended scenes, season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy” is already on its winter break and will resume episode 9 next year.

In “Things We Lost in the Fire,” fans were left hanging on the relationship of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington), the fight of Meredith and Amelia Shepherd (Katerina Scorsone), and even the succeeding story after Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) uncovered the truth about Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Once the show returns in February starting with “The Sound of Silence,” fans are looking forward to having those cliffhangers addressed.

It looks like the show will deliver deeper, especially on Meredith’s story, once it returns for episode 9 next year. According to series creator Shonda Rhimes, “It’s been really fun getting to explore Meredith and where she’s going and who she’s becoming. That evolution continues,” noted a report from Entertainment Weekly.

Additionally, the midseason premiere may not be as emotional but will be an essential part to bridge the first half and the second half of the show. Rhimes continued in the same report,” We’ve been having a blast. The first episode that comes back is extraordinary and very, very powerful, and directed by Denzel Washington. It certainly puts us on a path for the beginning of the second half of the season.”

Meanwhile, Luddington revealed on her Twitter account that she is done filming her scenes for the year. She said on her page, “Filming my last #GreysAnatomy scene in 2015!!!!” During episode 8, it is still unclear whether she will accept the proposal of Alex or not. Once the show returns next year, fans will find out, hopefully as early as episode 9, as one fan even said that she “better have the ring on her finger.”

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 12 will return with episode 9 on Feb. 11.