'Grey's Anatomy' season 12 spoilers: Meredith open to dating again, still in therapy


The tragic incident that happened to Meredith that was teased in the past finally aired during the midseason premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 12 on Thursday.

Episode 9, titled “The Sound of Silence” showed how Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was attacked by a patient and suffered critical injuries after, including losing her hearing and inability to speak, initially. The episode also showed several skeletons in the closet, as Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) encouraged Meredith to forgive Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Penny (Samantha Sloyan), and herself. In addition, “The Sound of Silence” also showed her attacker asking for forgiveness and Meredith accepting his apology.

Although Meredith’s life seems to have several tragedies coming to her, including a plane crash, bomb explosions, the sudden death of her husband, and now the brutal attack, actress Pompeo told Cosmopolitan in an interview  that there are better days ahead for Meredith.

She revealed, “We’re moving toward Meredith dating again, so everyone has to get ready for it. I can tell you that I’ve shot a few scenes, although I don’t know where they’re going to go, but I have shot a few scenes, and I’m very happy and excited with the way this is unfolding.”

She added that this is “exciting for Meredith, and it’s some happiness, some light. I hope we get to keep going to down that path.”

At the moment, there are rumors that Meredith may date Alex in the future. When asked in the same interview, Pompeo did not answer initially, but eventually said that it is up to showrunner Shonda Rhimes.

Meanwhile, as fans wait for the story to unfold, an official synopsis for episode 10 has been posted on Spoilers Guide. It reads, “As the hospital deals with Meredith’s trauma, Callie and Maggie perform a risky, experimental surgery on Alex’s 15-year-old patient against his professional opinion.”

Grey’s Anatomy” season 12 will air episode 10, titled “All I Want is You” on Feb. 18 at 8 P.M. EST on ABC.