'Grey's Anatomy' season 12 cast news, spoilers: Rita Moreno, Casey Wilson to guest in upcoming episode


Hollywood legend Rita Moreno and “Happy Endings” alum Casey Wilson are set to appear in an upcoming episode of ABC’s long-running medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, details are scarce about Moreno’s and Wilson’s roles but it has been confirmed that Moreno will play a woman named Gayle, while Wilson will take on the role of a character called Courtney Hall. The two guest actresses will appear in the popular series’ March 17 episode, titled “Odd Man Out.”

Moreno, who is one of only twelve performers to have won all four of the major annual American entertainment awards (an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, and a Grammy), has recently appeared in The CW’s “Jane the Virgin” and in TV Land’s “Happily Divorced.” Wilson, who was in “Gone Girl” (2014) and “Bride Wars” (2009), currently stars in Hulu’s “The Hotwives.”

In “Odd Man Out,” Richard Weber will surprise the hospital by switching the attending-and-resident pairings, Arizona will take a gamble on a patient who is carrying quadruplets, and April will be forced to make a difficult decision.

Meanwhile, Sarah Drew (Dr. April Kepner) recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how her recently discovered pregnancy will affect her character’s divorce from Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams). “I totally think this baby could bring them back together,” the actress said.

However, as Drew also told EW, “Nobody wants somebody to stay with them just because they’re having a baby; that just leads to resentment April definitely doesn’t want that. I could definitely see down the road, through different sets of circumstances, this baby being the thing that brings them back together for sure.” According to the actress, as April deals with her divorce and pregnancy, she will rely on Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), Owen (Kevin McKidd), and Riggs (Martin Henderson).

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.