Gravity Falls season 2 episodes 12 and 13 leaked after UK TV network Sky uploads to On Demand service


After Disney’s March mid-season break for Gravity Falls season 2, it seems like they went totally off the grid for the show save for a few teasers and interviews. The sparsity of information, however, has finally been broken after leaks of the latest episodes 12 and 13 were unintentionally uploaded online. The culprit is Sky, a television network from the United Kingdom which placed the episodes on its On-Demand service.

Now, people may no longer wonder as much about where the show will pick up from where it left off. Alex Hirsch, creator of the show, took to Twitter to express his dismay. “My best possible B-day present would be if fans don’t leak clips of future episodes. Please, you know who you are, respect our hard work.”

The accidental upload was one thing but there are actually other venues where fans can get their Gravity Falls fix without going against Hirsch’s wishes. For example, at San Diego’s Comic Con, the happy day for Disney and Gravity Falls fans will happen on July 9, 12:30-1:30 pm at Room 6A. The latest scoop or information on the show will be discussed there without the unnecessary leakage, according to International Business Times.

The animated TV show first started out in June 2012 and it attracted its fans until it snowballed into a solid following three years down the line, reports the Ecumenical News. The story is about twins Dipper and Mabel Pines who went on a summer vacation with their Uncle Stan and discovered Gravity Falls while they were there.

The actual release date and resume of the show will be on July 13 at Disney Channel, starting with the episode entitled “A Tale of Two Stans.” It will center heavily on getting to know Stan’s twin brother and have its unique twists that fans will surely enjoy.