'GTA 6' release date news: New location might be set outside the U.S.


“Grand Theft Auto V” has already been out for almost three years, and fans can’t seem to get enough since there are already speculations about “Grand Theft Auto VI.”

As reported by Game N Guide, Rockstar Games has already started working on the new title of the franchise, and it is said that the new location of the sequel might be in Tokyo.

The company is still not confident about whether they will push through with the new location or not. Furthermore, it will be difficult for them to adjust to a new location that is outside of America. One of those challenges is coming up with new brands for the cars even though they are fake in order for them to have the right vibe and feel of the new country.

Back in December 2003, Take-Two Interactive, the mother company of Rockstar Games, has filed a trademark. The titles that were trademarked were “GTA: Bogota,” “GTA: Sin City,” and “GTA: Tokyo.” It is possible that the company already had plans during that time to expand the universe of their game to that country as mentioned by Neurogadget.

Moreover, there was a group of people from Rockstar who travelled all the way to Tokyo. They were there to take some photos that they intended to use as references for making Tokyo into a virtual world. Also, the team immersed themselves with the locals so they could observe the mannerisms of the people there. However, it is yet to be confirmed if the developers are willing to continue with that location.

GTA 5 Cheats also revealed that Rockstar may be even considering the City of Boston since it has an urban vibe that has always been present in other “Grand Theft Auto” games. For example, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” was based on the city of Los Angeles, while “GTA: Vice City” was based on Miami city.

Fans are speculating that the sequel of the franchise may be released in 2018 since “Grand Theft Auto IV” had a five-year gap when “Grand Theft Auto V” was released. There may be a possibility that Rockstar Games may give new information on Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) regarding “Grand Theft Auto VI.”