'GTA 6' release date: Follow-up game to be set in Boston?


Three years after Rockstar Games released “Grand Theft Auto V,” fans are already waiting for the next installment in the series. As of now, the game publisher has been keeping mum on the future of the franchise. However, rumors are still rampant online regarding “Grand Theft Auto VI’s” maps and possible launch date.

Reports suggest that to ramp up the game’s excitement, it will be introducing a massive map which will be the culmination of all the maps that have been featured in the franchise. GTA5Cheats suggests that the coastal region along Boston is a possible candidate in terms of the main setting. The city’s unique mixture or urban and rural landscape makes it an interesting choice for “GTA IV’s” location.

Aside from skyscrapers and perfectly gridded downtowns, it also has a good portion of greenery, slums, and suburban areas. On top of the geographical design of Boston, its historical landmarks can also pose some interesting gameplays for the title. The only caveat is that, in reality, the city is too peaceful that some fans doubt if its criminality rate can offer enough plots for the upcoming chapter of the series by still trying to make the interpretation of Boston as real as possible.

The idea of a combination map for “GTA” has been floating since 2012 when former Rockstar head Leslie Benzies divulged that they are planning to incorporate old maps into a big one. Unfortunately, Benzies already left the company. What is worse is that the separation was not an amicable one. Because of this, some people speculate that the people who are left in Rockstar will have a conscious effort to get Benzies’s looming presence off of the franchise by not pushing through with his previous plans for the game.

There is no confirmed release date yet for “GTA VI,” but rumors suggest that its launch will be hand-in-hand with the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Two consoles in 2020. Furthermore, Canadian rapper Drake’s songs will supposedly be the music featured in the sequel title.