'GTA 5' DLC release date: Story-based DLC may drop soon


“Grand Theft Auto V” gamers may not have to wait for very long for new content for the action adventure video game as latest reports point out that a story DLC will be dropping anytime soon.

Fans have long been waiting for an expansion pack for the fifth iteration of the famed “Grand Theft Auto” saga. Unfortunately, there has been a scarcity of any additional features for the title since it was released in 2013. Despite this, it continues to be one of the most popular game plays coming from Take-Two Interactive Games and Rockstar Games collaboration selling over 65 million copies. The sales rockets further with the help of its online multiplayer mode which has also garnered much success in itself.

As previously reported, the game publisher is said to be capitalizing on the success of “GTA Online” which still delivers in terms of profits via minor updates. This supposedly put “GTA V” in the backseat without a comprehensive extension pack for the main game.

The story mode add-on is said to be going to be a football-centric theme. This opens the possibility that the game may have some tie-ins with NHL where players can create a new character patterned as a pro-footballer in Los Santos. Otherwise, a mini side game of football may also be part of the supposed DLC.

On the other hand, there are a couple of other speculations pointing out that the expansion pack will introduce horse riding and casinos. The two ideas in one narrative already sound odd but Rockstar Games may eventually find a way to have them relate to each other if they both make it to “GTA V.”

Unfortunately, before fans of the automobile-themed title become really excited about the matter, Rockstar has yet to comment with regards to the rumored new DLC. GameSpot notes that while Take-Two and Rockstar Games are keen on dropping new content soon, nothing is yet set in terms of the timeline for the project.