'Grand Theft Auto V' mod news: 'The Pinnacle of V' gives a boost to graphics, texture and gameplay


There is a new user mod for “Grand Theft Auto V” that offers the most realistic version of the game due to improved gameplay and graphics.

According to a report by Design and Trend, PC modder Josh Romito has unveiled “The Pinnacle of V,” which offers gamers 4K textures, more detailed weather effects, overhauled shadows, and more realistic lighting.

The mod offers gamers better in-game experience by making improvements in the gameplay as characters can now respond differently and deviate from their usual behavior. Weapons also enhanced the rag doll response of characters from weapon fire, while pedestrian interactions also benefitted from the changes.

According to “The Pinnacle of V” website, vehicle handling has also been reworked, so they are able to reach top speeds, respond to actual crash physics, and have avoidance control.

The list of weapons improvement covers a lot. Like the vehicle experience, developers adjusted weapon response like recoil, spread, bullet speed, tracer FX, muzzle flash FX, and reload so that gamers feel each second of excitement that the game has to offer.

To make the game more exciting, helicopters can now fire missiles, while bullet impact effects and particles, controlled debris, melee fighting, as well as new materials that bullets can pierce through have been enhanced.

The official site offers not only the download link but also FAQs and other details about the mod.

In order to run the mod, gamers have to have the latest version of “Grand Theft Auto V” and install OPENIV and other plug-ins required by the mod.

Gamers are also advised to back up their entire original “GTA V” folder and ensure that there is sufficient amount of reserve RAM and processing power to maximize the use of the mod.