Grand Theft Auto V 'Freemode Events' trailer; 'Rockstar Editor' available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC


Starting September 15, Grand Theft Auto players will be able to experience “Online Freemode Events.” In this update, players can embark in spontaneous open-world challenges in the online mode. Players can enjoy these randomly generated games with their friends and opponents without lingering in lobbies, waiting for load times, or choosing through menus.

“Freemode” gameplay challenges allow players to win GTA currency Reputation Points all while being able to personalize their sessions to choose which events they want to see. Experiences can be customized depending on how much content players want to play.

In “King of the Castle” players climb a castle to use as their territory, and fight other players in defense of their designated structure. Players who want to feel as sense of camaraderie can try the “Hunt the Beast” mode, in which one player volunteers to morph into an powerful creature with increased abilities while others try to hunt him. “Criminal Damage” is a timed challenge where players have to accumulate the largest amount of property damage by equipping powerful weapons and wreaking havoc on the entire city. “Penned in”  takes place in an ever-shrinking dome, players must maintain inside the dome to avoid exploding.

Competitions such as most kills in a given time limit, longest jump, longest skydive, longest wheelie, most vehicles stolen, most near misses, lowest parachute deploy, longest bail from vehicle, and furthest distance low flying will also be playable. Players can also compete to carry a briefcase for the longest amount of time or deliver it with the shortest time.

Two new Adversary Modes will also come with the update. In “Cross the Line,” the player belongs to a team that must conquer the enemy’s lines to win. “Hunting Pack” involves one player driving a vehicle while other players attempt to protect it or lead the it astray.

In addition, a new, improved Rockstar Editor is included in the update. Along with an upgraded Director Mode, players will receive a library of ambient audio tracks and sound effects. A wider variety of fonts will also be provided, tripling the previous amount of styles. Also, players will find editing audio settings more convenient — they can simply copy and paste configurations from one marker to another in the clip. Furthermore, with the new Snapmatic integration, still frames can be directly sent to Snapmatic.

Grand Theft Auto Online’s next update will be available for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, the update will not be coming to Xbox 360 and PS3. Forbes reports that Rockstar has announced that the previous consoles can no longer support the technology for the new modes.