'GTA 6' release date still unknown; famous actors rumored to lend voice; big terrorist name may take part in game


Game development company Rockstar Games has yet to make an official confirmation on the development and release of “Grand Theft Auto 6” (“GTA 6”). Until then, rumors and speculations will continue to surround the game’s upcoming release.

Amid gamers’ theories on reasons for the delay, whispers have also been going around that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling will lend voice to the supposed sixth “GTA” installment, while a character based on real life Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden will appear in the envisioned new “GTA” game. In this case, Mendes’ character will be the first female “GTA” lead protagonist, and terrorism might be the central theme.

While “GTA V” is the largest game in the “GTA” franchise with respect to map size, gaming enthusiasts still wish that Rockstar would create an even larger map for the next installment to surpass that current map. In this regard, talks emerge that making larger maps possibly stalls the release of “GTA 6,” although there is even no definitive location for it yet. Potential setting is US-based; after all, all games from the franchise have been set in America except for “GTA London.” It is important to note that should Rockstar decide on moving to another location, it would involve shift in essentially every element of the game  tone, car model and fake brands.

TechRadar reported early this year that according to an unnamed source, the preliminary work for “GTA 6” has already begun. Based on the pattern of intervals between the releases of previous “GTA” installments a four-year gap between “GTA: San Andreas” and “GTA 4” and a five-year gap between “GTA 4” and “GTA 5” the sixth installment will likely be released in 2018.

These remain as fan speculations since Rockstar has yet to issue an official statement on such.