'GTA 6' release date: new game may take a little bit more time before launching


If Rockstar Games would be asked, they would presumably just want to bask in the glory of “Grand Theft Auto Online’s” success. The “Grand Theft Auto” special online mode has exceeded expectations with regard to sales and popularity, but that does not mean that the game developer should just milk it before it moves on to the next installment of the franchise.

While the online feature may be a hit, some gamers are still looking forward to where Rockstar will head to next with the action adventure series, specifically with “Grand Theft Auto VI.” There have been numerous rumblings about when it will be released or where its backdrop is going to be, but nothing sticks as of this moment.

Latest rumors predict that in light of moving on to its new chapter, the game might drop around the same time that various new consoles, including the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5, are expected. Unfortunately, launch dates for these devices are still nothing but pure speculations. What is interesting, however, is that they are both tipped to come out between 20182020, based on consolidated tips from insiders. This may also mean that the “GTA VI” might see the light of day around the same time. Furthermore, this theory matches up with Rockstar’s 5-year gap for releasing main installments from the cult series. “GTA V” was released back in 2013 and its predecessor, “GTA IV” debuted back in 2008.

While 2018 is still a very long way off, fan clamor about the title is very understandable but it appears that Take-Two Interactive is not much keen on talking about “GTA VI” as early as now. A correspondent from The Street’s Real Money service claims that during a recent phone conversation with Rockstar’s parent company, CEO Strauss Zelnick yelled when he was asked about the game. Reporter Brian Sozzi recalled the incident in an article that was published by the digital media company earlier this month.