Grand Theft Auto 6' news: Will Rockstar include a female protagonist this time?


Publisher Rockstar Games has always been proud of its “Grand Theft Auto” franchise being one of the best-selling game franchises in gaming history. The previous installment in the franchise, “Grand Theft Auto 5,” continues to earn billions of dollars even three years since it was first released. So it is not surprising that Rockstar may already be thinking about the next installment in the series, dubbed “Grand Theft Auto 6.”

Speculations about the next “GTA” game started as early as last year and rumors have started flying around about where the game will be set, what characters will be available to play, and what missions will be included. According to a round up in N4BB, the game is not arriving anytime soon, with rumors saying that it will be released three years from now, in 2019.

Among the recent rumors that have come out include the possible inclusion of a song by Shatta Walle called “KAKAI,” which is a dance hit that is widely popular all over the world, which is why Rockstar is reportedly interested in including it in the game’s soundtrack.

A notable rumor that came out early on is the major change in the game’s protagonist. According to the report, Rockstar may be seriously considering having a female protagonist in the story mode of the game. They had earlier declared that creating a female lead for one of their games has always been on their minds but “they haven’t found the right game for it yet.” Perhaps “GTA 6” is the “right game.”

Related to the female character rumor is the rumor about who will voice the character. The report cites one prominent rumor that actress Eva Mendes will be doing the honors, and that she will be accompanied by her real-life partner, actor Ryan Gosling. These rumors, however, are yet to be confirmed or denied by any of the parties.

Another major rumor has to do with how big the map of the game will be. The report said that “GTA 6” will feature a combination of “all the previous maps” featured in the franchise. If this is true, this will be the biggest map in the game’s history.