'Gran Turismo Sport': GT Awards 2015 names winners, adds 'Fast and Furious' cars to future games


The 2015 Gran Turismo Awards, an event that was part of the recently held SEMA Show at the Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas Nevada, awarded the best cars of the year according to five different categories, and announced that a winning car from the event will come as a playable vehicle in the upcoming “Gran Turismo” titles for the PS4.

As detailed by SCEA Product Manager Ken Chan via the PlayStation Blog, these are the five winning cars that were picked, each to their own category, and their corresponding judging automotive media expert.

  • Best Domestic 1970 Dodge Charger
    • Judging Expert Autoblog
  • Best Euro 1985 BMW 535i
    • Judging Expert Hoonigan
  • Best Import 1973 Datsun 240Z
    • Judging Expert Super Street
  • Best Hot Rod 1978 Ford Mustang Hard Top
    • Judging Expert Bangshift
  • Best Truck 1968 Chevrolet C10 Pro-Touring
    • Judging Expert Truck Trend Network

As for the Best in Show for the Gran Turismo Awards winner, franchise creator Kazunori Yamauchi picked the 1973 Datsun “Fugu Z” 240Z car as the winner. The model is owned by Sung Kang, of the hit “Fast and Furious” franchise.

“Winning the Best in Show for the Gran Turismo Awards is surreal on many levels,” said actor Kang. “The Fugu Z started off as an idea between a few friends and myself to stoke our passion for cars. Thanks to Kenji Sumino, the Greddy team, and other partners, not only did that idea come to fruition, the response to our Z build at the SEMA show was overwhelming. And now with our Fugu Z winning the Best in Show for the Gran Turismo Awards, I’m honored that we’ll be able to share the car with the rest of the world as a playable vehicle in the game.”

In addition to this, Kazunori Yamauchi announced that they will be adding the award-winning 1973 Datsun “Fugu Z” 240Z car as a playable car in future “Gran Turismo” titles for the PlayStation 4 console.

In partnership with racing body FIA, the new PS4 game “Gran Turismo Sport” will be having two annual racing championshipsthe nations Cup, and the Manufacturers Cup. The Nations Cup will have players race to the top for the chance to represent their home country in the world championships. The Manufacturers Cup, on the other hand, will give players the chance to race representing their favorite car manufacturer.

Winners of both racing leagues will be awarded at the FIA prize giving ceremony, where they will be recognized alongside real-life racers. This will be the first time that video game racing will be recognized and awarded by a real-life racing body.