Graceland season 4 renewal still not confirmed; Daniel Sunjata wants another season


After the third season of USA Network’s action and drama show, “Graceland,” that ended with a cliffhanger leaving viewers wanting more, it remains to be seen if the hit series will be picked up for another season.

Actor Daniel Sunjata told Zap2it that the cast members remain hopeful that the plot will continue, “That’s something that not only Briggs didn’t see coming but as we’ve now seen that season ends in the resonance of Jakes’ sudden departure. Hopefully there’s a Season 4 so we can figure out what happens.”

Viewers have seen during the season three’ finale episode that Dale Jakes has become an outlaw after stealing the money the team was planning to use to start over. Together with his girlfriend Courtney Gallo, they left the other law enforcers who are residents of the sequestered beach house in Southern California.

“To tell you the truth, the whole cast just has our fingers crossed that there will be a Season 4. We love telling the ‘Graceland’ stories and playing these characters. I’ll be honest with you, I have not the first idea where Jeff will pick up Season 4 if we’re blessed to get one,” Sunjata continued.

The report added that another loose end that needs tying up is where the housemates will go after they have been deceived by one of their own. It is also interesting to find out if they agree with Paul Briggs killing Ari and making it look like a Sotto Street gang war shoot out.

Moreover, series creator Jeff Estin previously stated that although there is no official confirmation from the network yet, he believes that they had the best season so far, “There’s been rumblings and we’ve been sitting down creatively trying to figure out what we want to do, but really that was it. The idea this year was to push everybody as close as we could to that edge, and hopefully make it as interesting as possible. I’m really happy with it. For me, this was the best season we’ve had so far,” Christian Today reports.