Graceland season 3 spoilers: Past events play on season's upcoming plot; Show to answer if Mike is really dead


After a rather long break, Graceland is returning for its third season, packed with new twists and turns to the plot.
Graceland will return to TV after a break of about nine months, with a pilot episode titled, B-positive.

In the new season, all the past incidents will be recalled and the past memories will be dug up. The stories of Mike, Paige and Briggs will resurface, with Briggs taking the center stage in the next season.

In the finale of season 2, Mike was murdered after Paige decided to reveal his true identity to Sid. Was Mike really murdered? There’s no concrete proof of that because towards the end of the episode, Mike nearly suffered a cardiac arrest, even as Sid cut off his oxygen supply.

However, in the next season, Paige will face the consequences of deciding to reveal the truth about Mike, said show creator, Jeff Eastin,  TV Guide reported. 

He said: “Ultimately, the secret does come out. Briggs knows her secret. The [other] roommates will have various reactions depending on where they are in the season.”

Expounding on the storyline for the next season, Eastin said: “[Mike’s] death does have severe ramifications for the rest of the season. As much conflict as we can put between the roommates, at the end of the day they do love and care about each other. But that doesn’t mean the journey’s going to be easy. … The problem now for Paige is that she doesn’t forgive herself.”

Will Paige take a drastic decision by committing suicide?

On the other hand, in the next season, Briggs will find himself a part of an undercover operation within the Armenian Mafia. Also, last season, Charlie was carrying his baby. Hopefully, the next season will show what will happen of the baby.

 ‘Graceland’ season 3 is set to return to the USA network on June 25.