'Gotham' season 3 spoilers: new Jim Gordon preview shown in new clip


The Gotham City Police Department will definitely miss more than just one police hero when the third season of the American crime drama television series, “Gotham” makes its debut soon. There is major anticipation for the new season because Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is making the transition from a police detective to a bounty hunter. But because this show is still about him busting crime and saving the city, everyone expects him to still remain on the good side.

In the newest promo released by Fox, the signs point to Gordon becoming a very different man in season 3, although he still will be preoccupied (and maybe obsessed) with the search and apprehension of a bunch of Indian Hill patients who escaped the facility in the last part of the previous season. However, the job is no longer about saving the city, but more on getting anything done just to get paid. This is who the new Gordon is. “These days, I go home when I want, get drunk when I want, and end of the day I can sleep, because saving Gotham’s not my job anymore… let someone else serve and protect,” the character said via the new promo courtesy of Comicbook.

But according to Cartermatt, the clip still doesn’t deny the fact that Gordon will eventually go back to his old self the one who has nothing more important to achieve in life than to save the city. According to the publication, he’ll ultimately rejoin the GCPD, and the only rightful question to ask is when will that happen.

Fox and the creators of “Gotham” may have felt it was necessary to give the third season a dark twist in order to generate more interest in the show. The events of the season 2 finale seem to suggest that the upcoming season will have more chaos, but Gordon, this time as a bounty hunter, will be there to bring order back, but not the typical way since he no longer has the authority of the GCPD. Will he be able to defeat the Court of Owls, the ancient organization/society thought to be responsible for the city’s chaos?

The only way for fans to find out is to watch the third season premiere of “Gotham” on Fox this Sept. 19.