'Gotham' season 3 premiere spoilers: a couple of villains slated to return


Only a few more weeks remain before the American crime television series “Gotham” returns to the small screen, and with the new season come the news of more excitement and explosiveness. This is not much of a surprise really considering how intriguing the second season ended.

According to a report, there will be a couple of original DC Comics characters who could make an appearance in the new season, including the comebacking Jerome (Cameron Monaghan). Executive producer John Stephens said that the production crew and writers are trying to figure out the “architecture” for the character’s return stint in the series, but there is no mention if he’s going to be a series regular or if he will just make a couple of appearances.

Aside from Jerome, it has also been revealed that another villain, Poison Ivy, will be making her return in season 3 of “Gotham.” To recall, the character actually appeared in the earlier episodes of the series, but this time, she’ll be portrayed as an adult, suggesting that she’ll be a lot fiercer and undoubtedly more beautiful. American actress Clare Foley initially portrayed the role, but because Poison Ivy is now a woman, the production eventually decided to tap Maggie Geha.

Meanwhile, Cinema Blend reported that the producers of the series were forced to find an older actor for the Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy) role because the working hours on set aren’t ideal and fitted for a young actress like Foley. But Geha has big shoes to fill because Foley’s portrayal of Ivy Pepper in the first two seasons was met with positivity and praise. Will Geha be able to replicate it?

With Jerome and Poison Ivy’s return, “Gotham” definitely will be a lot more tense and explosive in the new season, especially with some serious trouble brewing in the city.

Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 19 on FOX.