'Gotham' season 3 premiere spoilers: a bunch of revelations, including new villains


Season 3 of FOX’s crime television series, “Gotham” is scheduled to debut in September, and the show’s panel at the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con has some revelations as to how the new season commences.

Accordingly, the first episode of season 3 kicks off six months after the events of the second season finale, where residents of Indian Hill successfully made their escape into the city, per Variety, and in turn, the entire city of Gotham is expected to become a very different place this time.

Speaking to a crowd at the show’s Comic-Con panel, lead star Ben McKenzie said that the release of the monsters will create chaos in the city never been seen before. “We’re six months in the future and the monsters that have been unleashed are turning the city into utter, total anarchy,” he said.

To recall, season 2 ended with the monsters of Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) being released and making their way through the city. As for McKenzie’s character, James Gordon, he becomes a bounty hunter with two objectives in mind: eliminate those monsters and get paid in the process. That revelation alone certainly gives more excitement to the upcoming season, especially on how the entire city would turn up with all the chaos and the monsters wreaking havoc.

Meanwhile, FOX released a new video that showcases the most exciting scenes of the previous season as well as the things to be excited about in the new season. Based on the DC Comics’ “Batman” franchise, “Gotham” season 3 will be introducing several characters, mostly villains, in the new storyline, including Solomon Grundy, The Court of Owls, and Mad Hatter.

The new season, set to premiere on Sept. 19, will see the return of McKenzie as Gordon, Michael Chiklis as Detective Barnes, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, and Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth, along with several other mainstays.