'Gotham' season 3 spoilers: Benedict Samuel reveals the Mad Hatter's mission


The third season of “Gotham” will see a few new villains, including one from Lewis Carroll’s iconic “Alice in Wonderland” novel. It was previously reported that season 3 will see the debut of the Mad Hatter, who will be played by Benedict Samuel, and in a new interview, “The Walking Dead” actor previewed his character’s motivation and mission in the new installment of the FOX series.

“His purpose is to find his sister and I think he’ll move hell and high earth to find her,” Samuel told Zap2it during a visit to the “Gotham” set in New York City.

Incidentally, the Mad Hatter’s sister is named Alice, and she will be played by Naian Gonzalez Norvind. While the new season’s Big Bad will certainly do everything to find his sister, it looks like Alice doesn’t want to be found.

“There are so many pieces to him,” said the actor about his character. “There’s a child in there and there’s also a psychopath.”

In a picture posted by the website, the Mad Hatter’s refuge certainly looks like a mad man’s space, as the character’s room is decorated with a collection of creepy dolls, old furniture, and true to Carroll’s version of the Mad Hatter, the “Gotham” Hatter also has a fondness for teatime as several cakes can be seen on a table in the photo.

As to whether he will find his sister and for how long his character will be sticking around, Samuel said that he doesn’t know what will happen to the Hatter in season 3.

“Nobody tells me anything,” said the actor. “I think that’s what’s kind of interesting about this show.”

Apart from the Mad Hatter, the new season will see other villains such as an older Poison Ivy (Maggie Geha) and classic Batman character Valerie Vale (Jamie Chung).

“Gotham” season 3 returns Monday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.