'Gotham' Season 2 news: Barbara looks creepy in new clip 'Bad Can Be Beautiful'


The new promotional clip for the upcoming new season of Gotham, entitled “Bad Can Be Beautiful,” focuses on Barbara, now mentally deranged and held at Arkham Asylum along with the supposed future The Joker Jerome, and other vicious criminals.

At the end of the first season, Barbara went crazy thanks to the influence of the serial killer The Ogre, and she ended up killing her parents. Later, she confessed the crime to Dr. Leslie Thompkinsthen the lover of Jim Gordonand attacked her. Now she is being held in Arkham along with other dangerous people, but she just can’t get past Jim easily.

Watch the clip below:

Previously released was a clip from the season premiere showing billionaire Theo Galvan and his sister Tabitha (also known as Tigress) meeting the new people in Arkham Asylumincluding Jerome and the now mentally deranged Barbara.

From the sounds of it, Galvan seems to be bent on forming a team of lunatic outlawsa bit like the Suicide Squad laying waste on Gotham City.

As revealed by TVLine, the young Bruce Wayne will be seeing the start of his journey to becoming the Caped Crusader that fans knew he will become one day. What he will discover in the “cave” he managed to open in the season finale will bring to light the real personality of his father, and the real Wayne Enterprises beneath the surface.

“It will cause Alfred to train Bruce, and the development of Batman will start,” shared actor David Mazouz.

As for the relationship of Bruce Wayne and the young Catwoman Selina “Cat” Kyle, it seems that they will still be the same kind of friends that they are for the meantime. “Their relationship is pretty much the same” once they reconnect, Mazouz said.

However, it won’t be for long until the young Selina falls prey to the charms of socialite Silver St. Cloud. “Eventually, something will stop Selena from interacting with Bruce,” he added.

Gotham returns on September 21 on Fox.