'Gotham' season 2 news: Gordon's mustache teased, Bruce to know identity of parents' killer


The hit DC Comics series on FOX, “Gotham,” is set to return with its second season this coming February. With the events that were left hanging by the end of the midseason finale, the characters of the show will pick up form where they left off. Just recently, a number of spoilers and teasers for the show have been revealedsome have been obvious teases for avid fans, but others still managed to bring something that may not have been expected by some.

Back at the recently held Wizard World New Orleans, series main star Ben McKenzie, who plays the role of the young version of Detective James Gordon, did an interview for fans in one panel. At the interview, the actor was once again asked if Commissioner Gordon’s iconic mustache will ever come to the show.

“I’m working on it,” McKenzie jokingly said. “I forgot to ask that question when I signed on for the part. I never asked if I had a mustache or not; I just sort of assumed that being a younger guy, that was not going to happen. And then, I got cast and we were about to shoot and all of a sudden the Internet lit up with ‘Is he going to have a mustache?’ And I had a moment of panic where I was like ‘That’s really not a good look on a guy my age.'”

The actor added that he is hoping to build the mustache four to six seasons from now.

Additionally, in a report by TV Guide, series showrunner Bruno Heller revealed that for the midseason of the show, “Bruce Wayne will finally find out who killed his parents.”

The young Bruce had been close twice now to getting information about the killer of his parentswith the recent one being an alleged information from Theo Galavan.

“Gotham” returns on FOX on Feb. 29.