Gotham season 2 cast spoilers: Michael Chiklis becomes newest cast member as Captain Nathaniel Barnes


The second season of Batman’s prequel, Gotham is set to be aired on September 21 with yet another confirmed character to join the cast — Captain Nathaniel Barnes, played by Michael Chiklis.

Based on a report by TV Line, the character “lands on the GCPD like a tornado, ripping out the dead wood of Gotham’s police force. He is a law and order zealot; unafraid of making enemies on either side of the law. For Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Barnes is a hero and a mentor, someone with whom he can share the burden of heroism. Captain Barnes proves himself to be a strong ally to Gordon… but one day he will make an equally powerful enemy.”

For Season 2, more villains will come out to threaten the city.

According to the official synopsis released in the San Diego Comic Con: “The origin story continues on Gotham and the stakes are higher than ever, as supervillains more ambitious and depraved are introduced, and a realignment of alliances shakes up the fight for power in Gotham City. With Detective Jim Gordon and the ethically questionable veteran Detective Harvey Bullock at the forefront of the fight against crime in this dangerously corrupt city, season two will witness Gordon’s moral compass wavering, as he confronts Gotham’s most notorious criminals. At the same time, he will continue his quest to gain the trust of the young Bruce Wayne, who is on a clear path towards the man he is destined to become, after discovering his father’s deepest secrets.”

Other villains that fans should expect in the upcoming season include Mr. Freeze, Riddler, and The Joker, billionaire industrialist Theo Galavan played by James Frain, and his sister Tabitha, also called as Tigress, who will be played by Jessica Lucas. Galavan masquerades as a “hero that the city has been waiting for” but in truth, plots to destroy the city, with the help of his sister.