GoPro Hero 5 release, rumors: release delayed indefinitely for 2016, developers to work on making device more powerful


Previously announced for an October 5 release, the release of the GoPro Hero 5 is now set for an undefined time in 2016, according to Venture Capital Post. Fans and enthusiasts alike may be disappointed and disheartened by this news, but do take note that the reason GoPro delayed the release is supposedly so that it can work more on improving the camera power of the device and making it the “most powerful videographic equipment” in the world yet!

Previous reports indicate that the upcoming GoPro 5 may actually be able to record videos of up to 8K resolution, due to the power of its A10 processor. This AMD-made chipset is the flagship of the Trinity series and has a quad-core CPU of up to 4.2GHz clock speed. Originally meant for the best 3D gaming experience, GoPro is taking the processors power to the new Hero 5, once again in the attempt to be the most powerful videographic camera yet.

Right now, the highest resolution for any photographic/videographic device available is a 4K resolutuion, called Ultra HD. The rumored 8K resolution will be called the Full Ultra HD, and should rumors prove true for the GoPro hero 5, it will be the world’s first 8K resolution. This is again in the attempt to be the most powerful camera yet there is.

Additionally, the Hero 5 is expected improve the frame rate of recording that the Hero 4 had. It will reportedly be able to record 1080p videos at 120 frames per second. Reports also claim that the Hero 5 would have a dual-lens setup, enabling users of the action camera to shoot videos in full 3D, a first in any of the previous GoPro devices.

The Hero 5 will now be powered by a 2,800mAh battery, to make up for the increase power needed for the increase frame rate and video resolution of the new device. This is almost twice as much as the juice that the previous Hero 4 carried.

Being an action camera, the Hero 5 is expected to deliver better underwater recording capabilities. The Hero 5 will be waterproof and is reported to be functional underwater for a depth of up to 60m. It is also rumored to have a touch screen interface.