GoPro Hero 5 release date, specs rumors: 8K resolution coming to new action camera?


The long rumored GoPro Hero 5 action camera, the much awaited sequel to the current GoPro Hero 4 device, is expected to be coming as a savior device for the company. Moreover, analysts expect that the device would be a future-proof device, with a set of features that have yet to debut in the market.

In a recent report, Longbow Research’s Joe Wittine stated that the GoPro Hero 5 action camera and the company’s Karma drone might prove to be just the combination that would bring the company’s financial status up again. With this reasoning in mind, the GoPro 5 is expected to be compatible with the Karma drone.

However, the researcher also noted that while GoPro might be able to improve their current financial status, it is only if they could release a new device that would deliver something really new to the users. This could be something that may prove to be hard to pull off given that the same thing is happening in the smartphone industry, wherein developers and companies continue to release new devices every year but fail to deliver a truly new kind of technology that has not shown in the previous versions of these devices.

One of the reasons that could be cited for the delay of the Hero 5 is that the company is working on equipping the new camera with features that would serve as a first for any kind of device and therefore, future-proofing the device, too. This include support for an 8K resolution, or known as the Full Ultra HD. Currently, the 4K resolution is deemed as the highest resolution out in mass market. Other rumored and speculated specifications include a larger battery life which could be a given, with rumors of an 8K resolution as well as built-in waterproof resistance, this time without the need of an external housing.